Waitlist FAQ

Please note: Due to the small size of camp and the popularity of our programs, many sessions go to a waitlist quickly, such as summer camp sessions, which have a maximum capacity of only 21 campers. Registration in our online system is not enrollment, but a request to be enrolled. 

All confirmed enrollments generate a confirmation email with detailed program information and also populate on your "Enrollment" tab of the Parent Dashboard. A payment also will be processed.

How will I know I'm on the waitlist?
​Sessions on a waitlist are noted with a Waitlist in parentheses next to the session on the enrollment page as well as in the system email that replies to your enrollment request. You can still sign up to secure your order on the waitlist, in case there are any openings or cancellations. You will be contacted via the email addresses you registered if a spot opens. No payments will be processed until you confirm you would like to enroll at that future date. Please be sure your email server is not blocking emails from the campscene.campmanagement.com domain, via "CampSite".

When will a spot become available?
There are many factors that determine a spot becoming available, but none are predictable. We have had campers on the first spot of a summer camp waitlist for months and not one spot has opened, and we've had campers 10th on the list get offered a spot several weeks before a session due to previous campers declining. Last-minute openings with quick turnarounds are the most common.

For after-school camp, the attendance days of the week and the school bus route are the primary factors for availability. This means your order on the waitlist is not necessarily a predictable factor for likelihood of mid-year enrollment. If the first 15 campers are from schools that have no new availability on their bus routes, it's possible to be 16th and be offered a spot, for example, and alternatively, be 1st and not have an opening.

​A few spots usually open throughout the year as campers make enrollment adjustments. The next camper on the waitlist who meets those enrollment criteria will be offered the spot. If your days of attendance are flexible, please answer that enrollment question accordingly and you could be contacted sooner.

How do I get on a waitlist?
To register on the waitlist for a program as a new family, complete your new family enrollment in our database. Then proceed to enroll for the selected program. To get on the after-school camp waitlist for a future year, choose to enroll in the current school year and select the appropriate starting year in that enrollment question.

Existing families can sign up on the enrollment tab of your Parent Dashboardby clicking "Enroll" for the current year.

We will contact you if a spot opens in one of our programs, and we hope to see you at Camp Scene in the future!